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Recycled material is worth its salt

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Snow and ice may look wonderful however it can also be an obstacle to getting around. In mountainous Switzerland, where the winter season is long and cold, Schweizer Salinen AG officially safeguards mobility throughout the entire country with de-icing salt. It is Swiss made, as Switzerland is self-sufficient in salt production. 

In line with sustainability strategy

This year, the de-icing salt TAUFIX comes in a new reusable packaging solution, a SuperCube pail incorporating PCR from Berry Superfos. It is in line with the business strategy of Schweizer Salinen as it contains 30% PCR content (post-consumer recycled).

Oliver Berger, Business Developer Taufix, at Schweizer Salinen explains:

“Pursuing a more sustainable way of doing business is an important aspect of our strategy. Our packaging choice is an inherent part of it, and we were intrigued by the idea of a container made with PCR material. It is spot on: we use less virgin plastic and the container’s sturdy quality meets our expectations.”

The rectangular shape is space efficient

Schweizer Salinen also appreciates the fact that the containers stack very well – filled or empty. Plus, the space efficient shape: the company prefers the rectangular SuperCube to a round container, because the rectangular shape allows for optimal use of pallet, storage and truck space. When each truck is optimally loaded, it allows for reduced truck kilometres.

The content of each SuperCube container is 12.5 kg; an ideal amount as it is enough for several weeks without being too heavy to be carried around. While spreading the salt, private and professional customers alike can see from the artwork decoration that the container is made with recycled material; a fact which Oliver Berger thinks is important for customer relations. 

Colour reflection or sustainability?

Opting for the PCR solution means that the container is grey inside rather than white. Although the grey colour reflection gives the salt a slight hint of grey, Schweizer Salinen is perfectly happy with the new packaging solution:

“We briefly asked ourselves what was more important to us: a white colour for the inside of the container or a contribution to a better environment by using less virgin plastic material? It was not hard to come up with the right answer. We are pleased with the SuperCube container, and we hear that the same applies to end-users,” says Oliver Berger.

Airtight and all weather resistant

The SuperCube pail is perfectly airtight and all weather resistant, which means it easily withstands any condition outdoors, where retailers typically place the de-icing salt for sale. As well as ensuring that the salt inside stays dry, the SuperCube container is very well suited for transportation at low winter temperatures to remote alpine regions. No road should be left unsalted.

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