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Early quality accredition for US factory

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Only two years after its inauguration, the RPC Superfos US facility in Winchester, Virginia has successfully passed its first BRC certification audit with Grade A in the High Hygiene Category. The audit was carried out by BRC certification body Accredia in autumn 2017.

This success provides US customers seeking first-class injection moulded packaging solutions for food and non-food products with independent confirmation of the site’s high quality standards.

Sam DeBarr, Plant Manager at RPC Superfos Winchester, is proud of the very first certification result achieved by this fairly new facility, which was opened in 2015.

“With the BRC certificate at hand, our customers can now easily assess our notable standards in terms of high hygiene and quality management,” he comments. “Since the first operations at our facility in Winchester, we have successfully rendered packaging solutions to a growing number of manufacturers in the United States. Now, we are ready to take on new challenges, continuously looking to fulfil top level requirements for hygiene and high product quality.”

RPC Superfos Winchester produces a range of high quality packaging solutions, including the versatile and popular UniPak container and the multipurpose SuperLift pail. The facility stretches over 8,000 square meters and features four injection machines.


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A survey conducted by the Danish Technological Institute has shown that 14% of Danish household food waste stems from meal leftovers. Although these can be reheated, very often this is in a microwave oven, and the survey identified that many find the uneven heating of this process makes the food less savoury. In an attempt to alter this behaviour, RPC Superfos has contributed to the development of a new multifunctional plastic storage box which ensures a more even distribution of the microwave heat.

Advanced in-mould labelling from RPC Superfos has been a critical factor in the successful relaunch of a range of high-quality paints and primers from Bosnia and Herzegovina paint company BAUklar. The injection moulded SuperOval pail feature close-up drawings of tigers with striking details and appeal that form the essential visual communication of the pack. In-Mould Labelling (IML) makes it possible to reproduce even the finest details of the tiger design, so that end- users can almost feel that they can touch the whiskers.

Spoon-in-lid solution for dairy products

An innovative spoon-in-the-lid from RPC Superfos for its popular 75mm container is guaranteed to make yogurts, desserts and other dairy products stand out from the crowd. The new solution is perfect for consumers who eat on-the-go, with the foldable polypropylene spoon simple to access, assemble and use. The APET lid features a fine PET seal that is easy to tear off. As such, it represents a significant improvement over similar lids which are sealed with aluminium foil, and thus oblige the user to find the spoon with which to eat the product.

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