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Say “Helios” to plastic pails

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RPC Superfos is supplying the plastic cans for interior wall paint and façade paint from Slovenian producer Helios. The company selected the SuperOval pail from RPC Superfos because of its user-friendliness, light weight, and sustainability.

Spektra® Classic Plus is now sold in three sizes – 5.5, 12 and 18 litres – of the SuperOval pail.

While Helios usually uses metal packaging for its paint products, it is increasingly turning to plastic containers for water-based paints. Its wall paints now only use plastic cans and pails as more people appreciate the qualities of these containers. As such, Helios was keen to build a relationship with RPC Superfos.

“Our experience with the local RPC Superfos team is positive,” says Uroš Primožič, Purchasing Director at Helios. “We appreciate the efficient way we first received technical information about the containers and then the relevant samples.”

Another factor in Helios’s interest in RPC Superfos was its global reach, which complements Helios’s own international scale, with paint production sites in eight European countries and customers worldwide.

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A survey conducted by the Danish Technological Institute has shown that 14% of Danish household food waste stems from meal leftovers. Although these can be reheated, very often this is in a microwave oven, and the survey identified that many find the uneven heating of this process makes the food less savoury. In an attempt to alter this behaviour, RPC Superfos has contributed to the development of a new multifunctional plastic storage box which ensures a more even distribution of the microwave heat.

Advanced in-mould labelling from RPC Superfos has been a critical factor in the successful relaunch of a range of high-quality paints and primers from Bosnia and Herzegovina paint company BAUklar. The injection moulded SuperOval pail feature close-up drawings of tigers with striking details and appeal that form the essential visual communication of the pack. In-Mould Labelling (IML) makes it possible to reproduce even the finest details of the tiger design, so that end- users can almost feel that they can touch the whiskers.

Spoon-in-lid solution for dairy products

An innovative spoon-in-the-lid from RPC Superfos for its popular 75mm container is guaranteed to make yogurts, desserts and other dairy products stand out from the crowd. The new solution is perfect for consumers who eat on-the-go, with the foldable polypropylene spoon simple to access, assemble and use. The APET lid features a fine PET seal that is easy to tear off. As such, it represents a significant improvement over similar lids which are sealed with aluminium foil, and thus oblige the user to find the spoon with which to eat the product.

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